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# 11

Sprockets and Chain

Winter 2023

A new Robot drive system

# 10

Robot Studio

Fall 2023

Building a Video Studio for Apollo, and putting it to work

# 9


Summer 2023

Now that Apollo Robot is fully functional, it's time to make some videos

# 8

Robots in Paradise

Spring 2023

Assembling and Integrating Apollo Robots

# 7

Supply Chain

Fall 2022

A global chip shortage does not worry this donkey

Parallax Propeller prototype to PCB

# 6

Full Stack

Mar 2022

Robots are like Sour Sops, just not so sour, and not so soppy

Coding and Installing Apollo's Motion Controller

# 5


Feb 2022

Assembling an Apollo 10 robot and a look into the Asynchronous programming behind the scenes.

# 4

PCB Design

Jan 2022

While mango's are fun to get into, PCB's are much more interesting. Printed Circuit Boards that is, not Polychlorinated Biphenyl.

# 3


Dec 2021 Article 3

Testing out the AS5048A-HTSP-500, a magnetic angle sensor designed for use as a motor encoder (keeping track of motor rotation).

# 2

Motion Control

Dec 2021 Article 2

Learn how a Raspberry Pi & two Teensy Arduino's control a 6-axis robot at 1000hz.

# 1

Jungle Robotics

Welcome to Jungle Robotics, oshRobot's blog

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