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All energy flows according to the whims of the great magnet

A great American, Hunter Thompson, once wrote. This week at oshRobot we're testing out the AS5048A-HTSP-500, a magnetic angle sensor designed for use as a motor encoder (keeping track of motor rotation). We had previously used an Allegro A1335LLETR Digikey 620-1766-1-ND, however supply chain issues have made it scarce. The idea is you put a diametrically magnetized magnet on the back of the stepper motor shaft, then position a chip about 2mm away which calculates the angle of rotation of the shaft by analyzing the magnetic field of the magnet.

We'll explore an incremental quadrature encoder in another article. The CUI AMT102 rotary encoder Digikey 102-1307-ND. It costs a little more ($22 vs $8), but it offers improved accuracy.

Clean, safe, well organized wiring is critical

Drawing a diagram of a circuit board is a good start, then get into it in your favorite electronic design automation (EDA). KiCAD is a great open source option.

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