• The Assemblers Package comes with 3 frame fixtures, you will use all 3 when you assemble an Apollo robot.

Assembled Fixtures

Pallet Layout - Short Arm

Assembly Layout - Short Arm


  1. Open the Assemblers Package on a large table or work surface.

  2. Cover your work surface with polyethylene or parchment-paper as a protective barrier.

    • Tip: parchment paper comes with every robot kit, separating all the laser cut pallets.
  3. PPE: Wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when working with epoxy glue.

  4. Prepare the glue gun, locate the Fixture flat-pack, and have tape or clamps ready.

  5. Lay out the Frame Fixture Pieces as shown in the Assembly Layout image.

  6. Dry-fit the fixture as shown in this video. Then disassemble and lay parts back into the Assembly Layout configuration.

  7. Apply glue and assemble Fixture as shown in this video

    • Apply glue to the fixture surfaces which make contact one piece at a time, until the whole fixture is glued together.
    • You will have approximately 1 to 3 hours work time before the epoxy starts to harden.
    • Epoxy set time is around 1 hour at 90F, 2 hours at 80F, 3 hours at 70F, 4 hours at 60F.
  8. Tape, rubber-band or clamp the glued item while the epoxy sets.

  9. Store the Epoxy Gun in a Gallon Freezer Bag in your Freezer. Simply warm it to room temperature the next time you need it.