Assembled Apollo Frame

Note: Motors, Limit Switches, Belt Tensioners, and Fan Installation are covered in later tutorials.

Pallet Layout

pallet 1 & 3

pallet 5

pallet 13

pallet 7

pallet 8

pallet 9

pallet 10

pallet 11

pallet 12

Assembly Layout


  1. Open the Apollo Kit on a large table or work surface.

  2. Cover your work surface with polyethylene or parchment-paper as a protective barrier.

    • Tip: parchment paper comes with every robot kit, separating all the laser cut pallets.
  3. PPE: Wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when working with epoxy glue.

  4. Prepare the glue gun, locate the Frame flat-pack, and have tape ready.

  5. Lay out the Frame and Assembled Frame Fixtures as shown in the Assembly Layout image. You will be using parts from Pallets 1,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13. Set unused parts aside.

    • Axles, nuts, bolts, washers and frame screws are in the hardware bags.
  6. Locate Aluminum Motor Plates #18 & #19.

  7. Dry-fit the Frame and test-fit in fixture as shown in This Video

    • Make sure Part 7a is aligned with the tab on part 14, to hold the air-filter
    • Locate air-filter section directly opposite the back of Apollo (the USB, Power, Ethernet & Aux ports are on the back side of Apollo)
    • Insert the frame screws loosely at first to hold the Aluminum Plates in place. Tighten frame screws fully once frame fixture is installed and bolted to aluminum plates.
  8. Next disassemble and lay parts back into the Assembly Layout configuration.

  9. Apply glue and assemble Primary Arms as shown in This video

    • Apply glue to the frame surfaces which make contact one piece at a time as shown.
    • You will have approximately 1 to 3 hours work time before the epoxy starts to harden.
    • Epoxy set time is around 1 hour at 90F, 2 hours at 80F, 3 hours at 70F, 4 hours at 60F.
  10. Once Frame is Glued together, apply Sikaflex Elastomer to frame surfaces which Aluminum Plates make contact with

    • Apply enough, but not too much, as to cause a mess.
    • Excess elastomer can be cut off with a razor about 24hrs after assembly.
    • Elastomer takes upwards of a week to fully cure. After 24 hours it is usually hardened enough to handle the frame for further assembly.
  11. Tape, rubber-band or clamp the glued item while the epoxy sets.

  12. Store the Epoxy Gun in a Gallon Freezer Bag in your Freezer. Simply warm it to room temperature the next time you need it.

  13. Apply Aluminum Foil over the elastomer plastic tip to stop it from hardening in the tube.