Convert your Apollo to an Apollo 10L with this Assembly Required Kit

  • Apollo 10L has the longest reach of any Apollo 10.

  • Upgrade to the Apollo 10L if you need a longer reach, but payload isn't of concern.

  • Apollo 10L has a 1.5kg payload, 0.3mm accuracy, and a 1.5 meter x 0.7 meter working area.

  • Any Apollo 10 can convert to an Apollo 10L using this kit.


  • Apollo 10L has the same diameter aluminum secondary arms as Apollo 10S &L, however the magnets and ball joints are smaller.

  • All your original drive belts and belt tensioners will function with the Apollo 10L upgrade kit.

  • You'll need an Assemblers Package to assemble this kit.

Package Includes

  • One Large End Effector Kit

    • Composite pallet
    • Ball Joints 5/8-5/16-18 6x
    • Aluminum Washers 6x
  • Three Long Primary Arm Pair Kits

    • Composite pallets ArmL(3x) ArmR(3x) Elbo(6x)
    • Aluminum Tubes 3/4in x 44cm aluminum 6x
    • Ball Joints - 5/8-5/16-18 6x
    • Aluminum washers 12x
    • 5/16in jam nut 6x
    • 5/16in jam lock nut 6x
    • Bearings 10mmx26mmx8mm 12x
  • Six Long Secondary Arm Kits (approximately 82cm long)

    • Secondary Arm Tubes 3/4in x 80.1cm aluminum 6x
    • Nylon Bushings -Long 12x
    • Magnets neodymium n52 3/8inx3/8in x12


  1. Assemble the Primary Arms as detailed Here

  2. Assemble the Secondary Arms as detailed Here

  3. Assemble the End Effector as detailed Here

  4. Loosen all 3 belt tensioners pn1150

  5. Remove the M8 nut from the 3 primary arm axles and replace your old primary arms with the new Long arms.

  6. Snap in magnetic Secondary Arms

  7. Snap in magnetic End Effector

  8. Let your Apollo 10 know it has Long arms by selecting 'Apollo 10L' in the Dashboard.

Part Number: 0009

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