*Instructions apply to all Apollo 10 Primary Arms

Assembled Primary Arm Pair - S,M,L

Pallet Layout

Assembly Layout


  1. Cover your work surface with polyethylene or parchment-paper as a protective barrier.

    • Tip: parchment paper comes with every robot kit, separating all the laser cut pallets.
  2. PPE: Wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when working with epoxy glue.

  3. Pre-assemble / glue all 6 Elbows, and allow to dry before continuing to step 4.

    • Dry Fit all 6 Elbows as shown in This Video
    • Apply glue and assemble all 6 Elbows as shown in This video
    • Insert locknut as shown in Glue video, being careful to avoid getting glue on the threads.
    • Tips: Try to avoid getting glue where the aluminum arm tube will later seat in the Elbow.
  4. Gather all the necessary parts and tools. You will need:

    • An assembled Primary Arm Fixture (from the Assemblers Package)
    • Pallets 1 & 2 from an Apollo Kit (or pallets 3&4, 5&6)
    • 1 Axle w/ nut & washers
    • 4 Bearings
    • Allen Wrench and Crescent Wrench
    • Epoxy Glue Gun, tape / rubber-bands / clamps
    • Tip: How to prepare and maintain an epoxy glue gun
  5. Lay out the Primary Arm Pieces as shown in the Assembly Layout image. Set unused parts aside.

    • Flip over pieces: 7, 10, 11, 13 & 21, 24, 25, 27
  6. Dry-fit the arm pair and test-fit in fixture as shown in This Video

    • Place included polyethylene spacers between pair of shoulder joints, and between the shoulder and fixture on both sides. Add more spacers for a snug fit, symmetrically.
    • Tip: Apply a very thin coating of grease to the axle before assembly.
  7. Next disassemble and lay parts back into the Assembly Layout configuration.

    • Clean Aluminum tube with rubbing alcohol to aid glue bond.
  8. Apply glue and assemble Primary Arms as shown in This video

    • Apply glue to the arm surfaces which make contact one piece at a time as shown.
    • You will have approximately 1 to 3 hours work time before the epoxy starts to harden.
    • Epoxy set time is around 1 hour at 90F, 2 hours at 80F, 3 hours at 70F, 4 hours at 60F.
  9. Store the Epoxy Gun in a Gallon Freezer Bag in your Freezer.

  10. Place arms in fixture the same way as the dry-fit, with polyethylene spacers and axle/nut.

    • Make certain bearing balls on elbo joint are firmly seated in fixture.
  11. Allow arms to dry overnight, or until epoxy can no longer be dented with fingernail.