Frame with Hardware Installed


  1. Position your assembled Apollo frame on a large work surface, and gather all the hardware components from your Apollo 10 Kit.

  2. Adhere the self adhesive cork feet to the Apollo Frame. Peel the white backing off the adhesive, and then carefully apply the cork.

  3. Install the Auxiliary Port Gasket, Ethernet Expansion, and USB Expansion as shown below:

  4. Install the Limit Switches as shown.

    • Insert the M2.5-.45x25mm allen head bolt
    • Add 7 M2.5 washers
    • Install a M2.5-.45 lock nut, do not tighten fully
    • Thread a M2.5-.45 lock nut on to the bolt to form threads in its nylon
    • Remove the M2.5-.45 lock nut and install it backwards
    • Install the Limit switch, threading the Allen Bolts through it as necessary
    • Install the final M2.5-.45 lock nut
    • Now Tighten the first M2.5-.45 lock nut to the aluminum plate
    • Lastly make sure the Limit switch is held tightly by the two lock nut's on each side

  5. Install the Stepper Motors as Shown.

    • Insert four M5-.8x16mm allen bolts, with washers under the M5-.8 lock nuts.
    • Make sure the motor is well seated before tightening the bolts.
    • Tightening the bolts in a x pattern like lug-nuts is recommended.

  6. Install the Belt Tensioners as shown.

    • Put a 1/4in washer on a M8-1.25x30 allen head Bolt, then insert it into the motor mount plate on the Apollo Frame as shown below.
    • Next put parts on the protruding bolt in this order: 1/4in washer x2, M8 fender washer, M8 small OD washer, 8mmx22mmx7mm bearing, M8 small OD washer, M8 fender washer, and lastly M8-1.25 Locknut.

  7. Install MXL 18 groove pulleys onto the motor shaft as shown.

    • Tighten allen key set screws, aligning one with the flat area on each motor shaft.

  8. Install the fan as shown.

    • Note moving blade part is located towards the outside of the frame.