Assembled End Effectors

All End Effectors use the same size inserts for attaching end of arm tooling.


  1. Open the End Effector Kit on a large table or work surface.

  2. Next Assemble all 6 ball joints with 1 aluminum washer and 1 nut as pictured below.

    • Be certain to tighten the nut precisely so the washer can always rotate freely, but has minimal movement in other directions.
  3. If assembling a composite end effector, glue on donuts as pictured below.

  4. Lastly install all ball joints in End Effector, and tighten with wrenches.

    • For end effectors with 2 nuts, use 2 wrenches, to tighten the nuts together.
    • Be careful to make sure each aluminum washer maintains its ability to rotate, but has minimal movement in other directions.
    • If washer rotation is not maintained, tightening force can damage the balljoint.