What is Apollo?

Apollo is a new type of industrial robot, a direct replacement for a robotic arm at 1/10th the price. Apollo is a long travel hexapod with similar speed and range of motion as a Delta Robot. Apollo has 6-axis articulation as well as high torque and precision necessary to accomplish most industrial tasks. Apollo is Open Source, Open Hardware, and designed to be efficient and affordable; a new paradigm in robotics. In an industry based on efficiency and cutting edge advancement, Apollo is a game changer likely to replace most industrial robots.

Apollo can accelerate up to 1 meter per second in 1/10th of a second. A common task in a factory is to ‘Pick & Place’, which is often completed with a robotic arm (Serial Robot), or a Delta Robot (3-axis parallel robot). Delta Robots are typically mounted to the ceiling, and hang over a conveyor, offering very high speeds for simple non-rotational tasks. Serial robots offer rotation and tilt axes, while also often servicing heavy tasks, but are relatively slow and energy intensive. An Apollo robot accomplishes fast tasks like a Delta Robot, but has higher strength and accuracy due to improved geometry, as well as offering rotational and tilt operations like a serial robot, all at a far lower cost due to its revolutionary design. Apollo is about 10x faster and 10x stronger than similarly priced robots.

Modular Design

Each Apollo can be converted into 3 sizes simply by changing out the arms. Convert to an Apollo 5S if you need a 10kg payload, or an Apollo 5L if you need a 1.5 meter reach. Apollo is named after it’s payload in the Medium configuration

Apollo is 100% Open Source & Open Hardware

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