A Kit to build an Apollo 10M Industrial Robot

  • Once assembled, this Kit is identical to a factory assembled Apollo 10M
  • Change any Apollo to a 10S, 10M or 10L with an Upgrade Kit

Apollo 10M - Fast - Strong - Precise

Payload - 5kg

  • Perfect for tasks such as pick & placing items on a conveyor

Precision - 0.1mm

  • Ideally suited for moving items, dispensing glues, painting, or almost any task in a factory

Dexterity - 6-axis

  • A tenth the cost of a robotic arm, while similarly nimble


  • Payload=5kg
  • Travel XY 1m, Z 0.5m
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Max Velocity: 2m/s
  • Power Supply: input 100-240vac, output 24vdc 250w
  • Avg Power Usage: 70 watts
  • Robot Weight: 11kg
  • Frame Size: 36cm x 36cm x 36cm
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Designed for continuous use in production environments

Kit Includes

Frame & Structure Motors & Drive-train
  • Stepper motors Nema23 178oz/in x6
  • Pullys (1/4in shaft x 18groove) 6x
  • MXL belts (1/4in x 240groove) 6x
  • M5-.8x16mm allen bolts x24
  • M5 washer x24
  • M5-.8 lock nut x24
End effector & arm parts
  • Primary Arm Tubes 3/4in x 32.3cm aluminum 6x
  • Secondary Arm Tubes 3/4in x 60cm aluminum 6x
  • Nylon Bushings -Medium 12x
  • Magnets neodymium n52 1/2inx1/2in x12
  • Ball Joints - 3/4 x 5/16-18 12x
  • Aluminum washers 12x
  • 5/16in jam nut 6x
  • 5/16 jam lock nut 6x
  • #6-32x3/4in allen head bolts 12x
  • #6-32 lock nut 12x
  • #6 washer 12x
Axle Hardware
  • Axles 10cm x 1cm 3x
  • Axle washer m10 thick 6x
  • Axle spacer washer m10 small OD 30x
  • Axle lock nut M8-1.25 3x
  • Axle bearings 10mmx26mmx8mm 12x
Electronics, switches, plugs
  • Raspberry Pi
  • GamePad
  • SD card, 16gb oshRobot
  • Ethernet breakout cable
  • USB breakout cable
  • Main robot power jack
  • Case Fan 80mm x 38mm 24v
  • Stepper Motor Drivers 3.2a 6x
  • Stepper signal wires 6x
  • Stepper power wires
  • 24v power PCB
  • 5v power PCB
  • Step generation Teensy PCB
  • Communications Teensy PCB
  • Molex KK power cable (white ends) 3x
  • Encoder PCB's 6x
  • Flat ribon cable 12in 6x
  • E Stop Switch
  • Remote E-Stop Switch
  • Expanding wire wrap
  • Ferrite Core 6x
Electronics Mounting Hardware
  • M2.5x.45x6mm mounting bolts 4c
  • M2.5 standoff kit
Limit Switch & Hardware
  • Limit Switch 6x
  • M2.5-.45x25mm allen head bolt x12
  • M2.5-.45 lock nut 12x
  • m2.5 lock washer 12x
Belt Tensioner Hardware
  • Bolt M8-1.25x30 allen head 6x
  • Lock nut m8-1.25 6x
  • M8 fender washer 12x
  • M8 small od washer 12x
  • 1/4in washer 12x
  • bearing 8mmx22mmx7mm 6x

*Note: If you're buying an Apollo Kit, you should also buy an Assemblers Package.

  It has all the tools and accessories in it you need to put a kit together


  • estimated 20-40 hours

Recommended Purchase

Required Skills

  • Competence with a screwdriver, wrench, gluing

  • Ability to follow directions - You are building a robot here

Product Number: 501

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