Convert your Apollo to an Apollo 10S.

  • Apollo 10S has the highest weight capacity and accuracy of any Apollo.

  • Upgrade to the Apollo 10S if you are doing fine detail work, or need more power.

  • Apollo 10S has a 10kg payload, 0.05mm accuracy, and about a 30cm cube working area.

  • Any Apollo 10 can convert to an Apollo 10S using this package.


  • All your original drive belts and belt tensioners will function with the Apollo 10S upgrade package.

Package Includes

  • One Small End Effector

    • Including installed ball joints
  • Three Short Primary Arm Pairs

    • Including installed ball joints & Bearings
  • Six Short Secondary Arms (approximately 30cm long)


  • Loosen all 3 belt tensioners pn1150

  • Remove the M8 nut from the 3 primary arm axles and replace your old primary arms with the new Small arms.

  • Snap in magnetic Secondary Arms

  • Snap in magnetic End Effector

  • Let your Apollo 10 know it has Short arms by selecting 'Apollo 10S' in the Dashboard.

Part Number: 0004

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